your work is needed. let’s create it, together, piece by piece.

Creative Co-working

What is Creative Co-working?

The Creative Co-working group is the online space for women creators, artists, and entrepreneurs to get shit done.

This community connects likeminded creative women together in an online, small group space 3 times a week where you can prioritize working in your business and on your creative work. Come as you are, come when you want, and we’ll provide the accountability, focus, and community you need to start putting gold stars back on your own goals, plans, and the projects burning in you.



how it works.

Here’s the skinny on how our co-working sessions typically go.


Each session is 95 minutes long and takes place on Zoom. We use audio and video. It’s your choice if you want to turn on your camera. No blazers or lipstick required – we come as we are – messy and real.

set a focus + share it

As our session starts, you pick a focus for the session and hyper focus on that one project or item that you want to get done in our time together. You share your focus with us. If you’re struggling to focus, you can also ask for help or talk it out in your time.

Work together on Zoom.

We work together on Zoom for 2 Pomodoro periods (2 x 25 minutes with a 2 x 5 minute breaks and 2 x 5 for welcomes and goodbyes).
If things are going well, we might even do 3!

Co-working dates + times

Here’s when we get together.


9 am PST
10 am MST
12 pm EST


11:30 pm PST
12:30 pm MST
2:30 pm EST


11:30 pm PST
12:30 pm MST
2:30 pm EST

come create with us.

$30 USD/month

Kind words

“Creative Co-working has been a winning combination of community, inspiration, reflection and productivity for me. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing I have time carved out throughout the week to focus on my own goals and maintain momentum. The folks involved can also be a helpful sounding board, unblocking me when I need a little push. As a soloproneur, I’m so grateful to have found this group!”
Nicole Jackson

Solid Support Strategy

“My work sessions with Holly give me a big dose of centeredness. I find I can work in a steady, grounded way that brings more pieces of the puzzle up to the light. Holly has deep and well-founded insights that flow into every aspect of the work. She has a language that connects tech to earth, or, in a way, connects the mundane to the spiritual. Her guidance is highly motivating.

I notice during the days between work sessions with Holly that I am coming to my work with a new kind of assuredness. Holly builds confidence alongside competence.”

Suzanna B. Stinnett

The Art Atlas + Earthy Divine