DIY Your Facebook + Instagram advertising

Discover the tools to make your digital marketing campaign, using Facebook and/or Instagram. In this workshop, we will make your Facebook and Instagram ads more effective in reaching your favourite

Chapter 1 : Building a Strategic Marketing Campaign

In this chapter, we’ll work together to build strategic marketing campaign using a template to help us identify our goals, tactics, and timing.

Chapter 2 : Building an Audience + Assets

In this chapter, you’ll learn how to use the Facebook for Business tools, and we’ll build 2 audiences that we’d like to reach with our campaigns. We will also put together the graphic development elements for your campaign using Canva.

Chapter 3 : Testing + Launching Your Campaign

In this chapter, we’ll discuss how to set-up and test your ads, and discover what metrics you should watch to see what performs the best. We’ll also discuss after your test, how to select the winning ad and launch your campaign.

Holly LaRochelle


A Digital Marketer, Trainer and Business Coach who helps creative women entrepreneurs build and grow profitable, sustainable digital business.

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