How do I start?

 Dear Mom,

I’m sitting down with my coffee to type out this letter to congratulate you on thinking about starting your own business. I’m so excited you’re interested in how to start a business as a mom.

Let’s face it – being a mother doesn’t fit into corporate work well.

Returning to full-time work after maternity leave pulls us in two directions – between our careers and our children. The work system is set up for cis men who have no other responsibilities other than work. A lot of women are opt-ing out of work life because it simply doesn’t fit in with child rearing. And putting their kids in daycare 5 days a week doesn’t feel good to them. So they leave.

What creative mothers really need is profitable work that they can set their own flexible hours. Because of this, many of us flock to MLM companies, freelance gigs, becoming child care providers, blogging, and part-time gigs that work with our schedule. But they tend to be at minimum wage for maximum effort, so whereas we might bringing in an income, it’s a lot of hustle for not much reward.

And some of us just opt out and be mom at home. When the kids end up back into school full-time, or after they launch from the nest, then we’re finally ready to take on what we want to do. But we’re miles away from the career we had several years ago, motherhood has changed us, and we’re not really sure what to do now that we can.

Through our life experiences, and the process of becoming refined in motherhood, we found our inner voices. Our purposes sharpened. We could reflect on our own inner skills, abilities and unique talents. Next thing you know, we’ve got a vision for a business burning in us that won’t let go. And we’re ready to step into the business arena, or refine how we truly serve the world. But like every arena in our world (cough patriarchy cough cough), we must create as we go. The way that business is being built right now is a hyper-masculine way to go about it.

There’s no focus on what really matters – making a business that fits your life, uses your unique skills, talents and abilities, and creates relationships, monthly schedules, and structures that last with your energy, because all are long-term processes.

Instead, there’s quick fixes – fancy funnels, software that costs an arm + a leg, girl boss hustle and high ticket advice that leaves you struggling, broke, and doubting yourself.

Well, fuck that.

We’re creating a new way forward. We’re creating creative, sustainable businesses that feel good, that we build ourselves.

If I know one thing to be truth, it would be this:
Women are all sorts of magic. When a woman has set her sights on something; she will birth it into existence. It’s not about the power she has between her legs, it’s about the power of her heart mind & soul. There is nothing she cannot do. Everything desires and craves her touch. She is the all giving mother, The fierce slaying warrior, The divine feminine, The goddess beyond the clouds. She is the bringer of love The queen of what is holy and the giver of peace She is changing the world. -Jenna Galbut

You are already a CREATRIX. You have all the pieces within to do this. You’re smart enough to do this. You’re savvy enough to do this. You’re techy enough to do this. Let’s collaborate, help each other, and build it together.

You deserve the freedom to pursue a passionate business, run it in your own availability according to your schedule, and have it be filled with tasks you want to do, customers you love to serve, and revenue that allows you to contribute to your household.

I really believe that.

And my mission is to get more amazing women into the business arena and change it. It’s time. 

I know you are passionate and ready to dive in, but there’s a few areas that you should take into consideration in this transition before you get started. I’ve recorded them into a free video series you can access below. 

To your wild success,   

Holly LaRochelle

Founder, 9 to 3 Collective


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